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  • Mar30

    Contents Candy Floss CartNow that the dust has settled after the Sydney Trade Fairs, we thought we would share our Top 10 Best Sellers with you!

    The standout success was our Candy Floss Card which we had at both fairs.  Haven’t added it to the Top 10 given its uniqueness. More information here.  If you would like more info on buying or hiring it, please call the office or email. To view Trade Show pictures, click here for Reed Gift Fair and here for AGHA Gift Fair.

    Our Top 10 Best Sellersacross all of our product ranges are:

    Dolomite Soap Dish, Removable Tray w Bird @ Contents.com.au

    1. Soap Dish

    Pedestal Base Dish w Bird design, 2 Style Set @ contents.com.au

    2. Pedestal Base Dishes

    Metal Hook with Ceramic Flowers

    3. Flower Hook

    Glass Bottles with Flowers Lid

    4. Flower Lid Bottles

    Chair Cushion @ www.contents.com.au

    5. Chair Cushion

    Yellow Polka Dot Loot Bags @ contents.com.au

    6. Yellow Polka Loot Bags

    Handcut Glass Apothecary Drink Dispensers @ contents.com.au

    7. Handcut Glass Dispenser

    Ava Glass Apothecary Jar @ contents.com.au

    8. Ava Glass Jar

    Terrarium with White Base
    9. Terrarium with White Base
    Honeycomb Puff Ball @ contents.com.au

    10. Mint Puff Ball

  • Nov28

    We were so excited for one of our customers, Little Big Company when they were featured on Amy Atlas‘ site.  Louisa and Melissa created a party that would be every little girl’s dream (and maybe a few big girls’) for Louisa’s 7 year old daughter.  I still discover new things every time I look at the pics!

    Our joy was amplified when we realised that some of our products were featured!! Especially our Candy Floss Cart which Kate created.

    We are HUGE Amy Atlas fans! Amy Atlas, also known as “The Sweets Stylist,” is a coveted entertaining expert, baking and crafting stylist, and is internationally recognized for creating the stylized dessert bar trend.

    Amy Atlas is an international icon and for Little Big Company to catch her eye is a wonderful achievement!

    View the post on the Amy Atlas site here or on Little Big Company here.

    Below are the pictures of our items in the shoot.  Links to the items after the pictures.

    Apothecary Jars:

    Drinks Dispenser

    Cake Stand

    White Urns

    Candy Floss Cart

  • Oct20

    Everything you need to create Halloween Spirit & Fun is right here in our online store!

    We have put together some great Halloween Table-Top ideas that can be easily adapted to Christmas or any festive occasion. 
    Click here to see more great pics

    These great Centre Pieces can be created using items from our Homeware range with a ghoulish trim!!

    Everything in this department is in stock and ready to ship to ship! Click here to view the range.  If you are a Party Retailer, please click here.

  • Sep22

    We always get a buzz when we see out product in magazines and in print!

    It is even more special when one of our wonderful customers choose us to be part of their advertising! Thank you to Party & Co  for using our gorgeous Polka Party in their advert this month!

    It is only the 2nd issue of the gorgeous magazine, check it out – we love it!!

    You can visit Party & Co here,  www.partyandco.com.au or view Polka Party collection here.

    Contents Polka Party in Peekaboo Magazine*

    Contents Polka Party in Peekaboo MagazinePeekaboo Magazine Sept 2011










  • Jul4

    We are so excited that the Polka Dot Party range has finally arrived after the launch in at the February Fair.  We have been busily packing orders and sending them to our retail store customers who have been eagerly anticipating the arrival as well!

    We designed and manufactured the range ourself so we are so happy and proud that is has been so well received!

    Polka Dot Party Paper ChainPolka Party Popcorn ConePolka Dot Party BuntingPolka Dot Party Topiary Box + Lid





    The versatility of the range  meant that you can use the same colour in every item or mix’n’match to create your own unique look!

    The Range is made up of:

    • Noodle Box
    • Bunting
    • Paper Chain
    • Loot Bags
    • Balloon Weight
    • Topiary Boxes & Lids
    • Cones

    View more information and pictures here.


  • Jun1

    I want to share the “Behind The Scenes” info and stories behind our great shoots & events.

    I will be sharing, the REAL stories and tips, because life is not a magazine!!

    Charlie B Turns 3!


    I did say “I am so not having a party” but children’s birthdays are always so special and guilt got the better of me. My Charlie B (as we call him) was turning 3 and I had less than 3 days to pull it all together. There is nothing like an extra project in my already busy life as a Mum, Marketing & Product Development Manager, School Treasurer, Wife, Sister, friend plus all the other hats us ladies wear!!



    Kate :-)

  • May17

    A very special little boy was turning 3 and we created a gorgeous Party Table that the kids all loved!

    I wanted to share some pics so that you can see how diverse our range is and hopefully be inspired.

    I will be posting a detailed blog with lots of tips and tricks so that you can save some time and angst :-)

    I will be posting a shopping list shortly, in the meantime, you can browse our store here.

  • Apr15

    Love to Celebrate -Valentines Window Balls

    love to celebrate

    decorations *   invitations partyware

    Love to Celebrate - store


    We love to share our great retailers with you.

    Love to Celebrate is a modern party boutique specialising in balloons, decorations, invitations and partyware.

    Their range is constantly expanding and is always up-to-date with current party and fashion trends both in Australia and around the world.

    In addition to a wide range of our products,  they proudly to stock some of Australia’s leading designer stationery and partyware brands such as Alannah Rose, HIPP, Paper Eskimo & Sambellina.

    Balls - Love to CelebrateThey also carry an extensive range of themed party products from American brands such as Creative Converting, Paper Art & Special Occasions.


    Owner, Gaby, loves our honeycomb products, click here to view, as much as we do.  We love that she can really show people how to use them in so many ways!

    Today’s trend of ‘Nostalgia without memory”, is on display at Love To Celebrate, mixing different balls, materials and finishes modernises or traditional ‘paper party’.  Alternatively, you can recreate the stylish time gone by!

    Love to Celebrate - Disco BallsOur Christmas products were a huge hit, gorgeous pic of the store window below.  Click here to view this year’s collection.


    Gaby & her team understand the power of visual impact and display.  You can see that from the images here that Gaby can transform her store from a polka party, to a disco to a Christmas wonderland.  Every time I visit the store, I want to have a party!!

    The advise and styling Gaby and her team give customers is what sets them apart from a lot of their competitors.  Adding your own unique look and your feel is easy with the advise you get at Love To Celebrate.

    Contents Christmas at Love to Celebrate


    Gaby works hard to ensure that the store carries unique and interesting products for all occasions.  Parents know they can’t have the same old decorations from one year to another;  Party organisers what to create a different look and feel with every function; the same occasion doesn’t need to be boring year after year.

    This is where Gaby and her team’s styling skill come in, they can create a whole new look or update favourite decorations with new pieces to create a different looking party.



    Love To Celebrate‘s website is a wealth of information and a feast for the eyes.

    Contents Christmas at Love to CelebrateCovering many occasions and clever ideas, readers are stimulated with every image and line.

    Gaby seems to make it all look so easy!  It is definitely fun and it shows they love what they do.


    (top to bottom)

    * Honeycomb Balls

    * Honeycomb Fans

    * Polka Party

    * Christmas

    View the entire Paper Collection, click here.


    Love to Celebrate     61 Hill Street, Roseville NSW 2069

    phone number 02 9416 4868

    email address click here

    website www.lovetocelebrate.com.au

    facebook www.facebook.com/lovetocelebrate

  • Mar18

    Polka PartyWe are so proud to be releasing the latest Party Range we have designed ourselves! POLKA PARTY! 

    We have listened to our customers and recognise the importance of creating products that let you personalise your party or event. 

    This fun range can be used for a wide assortments of occasions, be adapted to many themes and work in with other products to create a gorgeous, unique decoration for any event! 


    Ideas for Themes are:

    ~ Red Polka: Enchanted Woodlands
    ~ Pink & Blue Polka: 1st Birthday or Christening
    ~ Black Polka: Milestone Birthday: 30, 40 & Beyond 

    All pieces are supplied flat, for easy storage, minimum damage and space saving. 

    The range is available in a wide colour pallet: 

    • Pink & White
    • Blue & White
    • Red & White
    • Black & White

    The range will be available in May 2011. 



    What’s not to love about Pinwheels? Do you instantly get transported to a time when summers were long and life was simple? I do! 

    Pinwheels are a perfect way to add decoration to the garden, either in trees, on walls or in pot plants – instant decoration without any effort! 

    They can also be fixed to walls, fences, chairs, invitations or hung from light fittings – anywhere really – and they will instantly add movement and interest! 


    Topiary Box 

    Can be used for a million things as a base to extend your theme!! 

    We used them left to anchor the pin-wheels (left & above) but can also be used for table centerpieces, flower arrangements. balloon bouquets & more. 

    These boxes are so versatile and can be re-used! 


    PVC Bunting 

    Bunting adds a festive feeling to any occasion, party or event. It is a versatile piece and can be re-used or left up long after the party is over. 

    Bunting is not just a party piece but can be used in children’s bedrooms & playrooms as a decoration. 

    Our bunting is even better as it made from PVC which means that rain will not ruin or damage it!  This has not been available in Australia previously! 


    Lolly Bag 

    Having matching patterns allow the Lolly Bags to become part of the decoration as well as performing a function. 

    Being paper, you can embellish them with labels or ribbons so simply leave them as is! 


    Noodle Box 

    Maybe the question should be what couldn’t you use these for? 

    They are a great alternative to the Lolly Bags or can be used ot serve food at your event or party. 

    Like the Lolly Bags, they can be embellished and enhanced in many ways! 

    Food-Safe: the material is coated so you can safely put food straight into them. 


    Paper Chain 

    Another nostalgic piece that can be used for any event including Christmas! 

    Remember making these yourself and it never looking even?  We’ve taken the work out and only left the fun in!! 

    Like the Bunting, Paper Chains can be used inside the home as well as outside.  An affordable decoration for any child’s bedroom or playroom. 

    The paper chain is coated with the same PVC as the Bunting, increasing their durability. 


    Paper Cone 

    Perfect to use to serve food (yes at a party, popcorn is food!) or just as decoration. 

    Food-Safe: the material is coated so you can safely put food straight into them. 

    The paper cones are flat and assembled as you need them, so you can keep some in the cupboard for the pop-up party! 

    This range has been my baby and I am so proud of it and appreciate the great feedback we have had already! 

    Nancy Georges from Magnolia Solutions interviewed me at the GHA Home & Giving Fair, in February 2011, I took the opportunity to show her Polka Party:

    Coming soon…. our Tea Party pics and tips using our polka party range! 

    thanks, Kate :-)

  • Mar7

    This is a sneak peak of our Tea Party shoot….have we piqued your interest??

    We did a beautiful shoot with our new Polka Party products, the quintessential tea party.

    Watch this space….